Saturday, August 11, 2012

Disney Love

Some nights, it's just up to Disney to provide wonderful music and lovely memories
As a 90s kid, this means my first movie in a theatre was Pocahontas. I also was obsessed with The Lion King and Cinderella. :)

Oh yeah, and Mufasa's death still makes me cry....

But seriously, the music in some of these movies was just amazing! I still listen to it, and I'm a "young adult." ;)

What Disney movies are you still obsessed with?


  1. I still sing along with a majority of disney music even though I am an "Adult" now, plus I still go to see the movies, although I've had to resort to borrowing my sister, and my friends kids, so I look like I have a reason to be in the theater!

  2. Disney is awesome for any age and anyone who loves to sing. I feel like at an older age, we can appreciate all of the content from the movies. Instead of being like OMGGGGGGG LIONS ROARRRRR, you know? I lovelovelove Alice in Wonderland. Favourite movie of alllll time :)

    And grr lady - take them darn capcha's off these!

  3. When I was younger it was all about Little Mermaid for me. I still love Disney...great for kids.

  4. Um... I'm 26 and I'm still obsessed with Disney and belt out the songs whenever they pop up on my ipod.