Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthday? Hmmm

My 19th birthday is 4 weeks away, which means I only have 56 weeks left of being a teenager (yup, this girl counted).

I always get excited about my birthday because I love to have another year to better myself! Each year we get is a blessing! Super awesome, don't you think?
Also, there are sometimes those things we call "birthday presents," have you heard of them? I never focus on them, but when I do receive something, I'm all giddy inside. See, if I don't *expect* anything, then I'm pleasantly surprised always :) nice system.

Here's my problem:
Last year, I was away from my family on my birthday. They were still in Italy and I had moved back to Alabama to start school and voice lessons. I was very very saddened by this...and now, this year, I will be away at school by the time my birthday comes around. New city. Not knowing anyone. I don't want to go into this birthday negatively, but it does kind of bring me down a bit when I think about all the people (my family) I'll be missing on that day.

So, I ask my readers a question: what do you recommend I do to cure my upcoming birthday blues?

Houston ladies, any ideas what a college chick can to do celebrate in H-town?

Alabama friends, I sure would love to hear from ya'll. Maybe just a letter even? (I'll give you my address if you private message me)

Thank you for putting up with my brief moment of bummed-out-ness.

xoxo, alexandra anne

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  1. I understand that so well! I would do something nice for myself, like a spa or a massage or something like that. It is actually possible to enjoy your birthday alone, even though it feels strange! :)