Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's For Dinner?

Whilst linking up with Sarah for the 15 Day Challenge, I am enjoying a beautiful Alabama 4th of July =) My plans for the day include a neighbor's grillout/pool party and then I am being taken to a party thrown by Michael's friends. (Today is his favorite holiday, because then the rest of the country is as patriotic as he is on a daily basis!) I have to be all mushy gushy for a moment and say that today is not only Independence Day, but also the day marking our relationship's 9th month =) 9 months ya'll!!! That's a decent chunk of time, if I do say so myself. So I am excited to spend the afternoon with him on this awesome day.

You may or may not know that my Dad is military, and this has awesome things and terrible things. Terrible like he is in Afghanistan at the moment (BUT, he is visiting for his R&R so soon!!!!!!), so I cannot spend this holiday with him.
Awesome thing? I've gotten to travel a LOT because of his job (and for most of my education I was homeschooled, so I could go wherever whenever). Last year was Italy, and that changed my life!

This leads me into the blog challenge: today's challenge is to answer this question: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Italy was not my first foreign country; the first was 8 years ago when we lived in England. Yup, good old United Kingdom. I was 10 years old at the time, and I think that is the perfect age to see a new country. You're old enough to actually appreciate things (that was when I fell in love with chandeliers, actually, I asked mom and dad to take pictures of all the pretty ones we saw!), but you're young enough to not be cynical or worried. You can truly enjoy it all.

To pick a "favorite" memory, is kind of difficult for me, because I DID enjoy it all! I got to see Les Miserables (with excellent seats, might I add) in a beautiful theatre in the theatre district, I walked fields and climbed over fences (like Elizabeth Bennet!!), I made friends with the ladies at our local pub (it's not just a bar, pub is short for "public" so the pubs in England were generally family friendly!), etc. So many wonderful memories. But here is a downright funny one:

We lived in a little village (yes, it isn't a neighborhood, it was called a village) called Spaldwick which was in Huntingdonshire, which was about 45 minutes from Cambridge, and an hour or so from London. We lived at 10 Burton Way (so yes, stalkers can go see where I lived 8 years ago, haha, I think it's funny I still REMEMBER the silly address) and I typically played with many of the village children (again, that sounds funny). I remember a few little boys (younger than I) lived in the houses directly next to mine, so I often played with them, and they even tried to teach me how to skateboard (nope. failure, I am). One day one of the boy's mom's said it was time to come inside because it was tea time. Oh! Tea! How quintessentially British, I thought. Being the nosey curious creature that I am, I politely asked "what kind of tea are you having?" I liked tea. I even enjoyed "English Breakfast Tea" so I figured they might have something like that.
The mom answered "Chicken." Oh............................................

Tea time meant dinner time.


What is one of your favorite childhood memories? 

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