Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mega post

Hello! I promise that I've been productive the past few days and that's why I haven't written since Saturday.

Found a new blog challenge that I have decided to partake in! But...today is day 3 of a 15 day challenge, so I will do a "mega-post" and do Days 2 and 3 in one. ;) (Thanks for the challenge Sar!)

Day 2's challenge was to write a six word memoir.

Music, love, passion, always my home. 

Day 3's challenge: Tell us about an article of clothing you're attached to. 

Well, first off I love my shoes. But if I had to pick on article of clothing....hmm.... as you may know, a lot of my clothing reminds me of when I lived in Italy last year. Several dresses remind me of train rides, late night walks around the city, and life changing moments. That summer was tremendous for my life. And when I wear those cute sundresses the memories come flooding back in a lovely way. 

But would I necessarily say I'm attached to any particular dress? 

So I look back at my shoe pile. Yeah, I found a pair I'm attached to. They're my performance heels. Mom got them for me for my 17th birthday (she actually does most of my shopping for me, I'm not a stereotypical girl when it comes to shopping!), and they turned into my performance/audition shoes. They're just classy black ladylike heels, but I love them. I wore them to operas in Italy, I have performed in many cities with them, and auditioned 6 of my 7 auditions in those shoes. Music is my passion, and you gotta have the right shoes to hold you up for your passion ;) 

Tomorrow I will do Day 1's challenge and Day 4's (yes, I am going in such a silly order, but life is silly! So...huzzah!) 

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

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  1. Performance heels! I like that!

    Thanks for linking up and joining in!