Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oops ;)

Day 10 of Life of Love's 15 Day Challenge

What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Oh this one is pretty easy, and of course it involves my mommy. (I love her to death, especially because I have sooooo many stories I can tell about her and our adventures; yeah, we're kind of like Thelma and Louise ;) )

So, we were living in England 8 years ago (golly, that is so strange to realize it's been THAT long; wow!), and we lived about an hour or so from London. On one of our visits we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (but yes, it is only a replica because the original burned down long long ago; however, the replica is said to be quite accurate!); my parents met in theatre, of course we're drama nerds who are going to go check out Shakespeare's digs. ;)

It was just the four of us back then: Me, Mom and Dad, and baby Kate (she was only 1, super cute and chubby with baby fat rolls, oh she was adorable!). We decided to take a tour, what better way to get an appreciation for the Globe?

Somehow, in Mom and Alexandra typical fashion, the two of us got separated from our tour group. We found another one, and funnily enough the guide spoke in English AND French. Too bad I didn't know a lick of french back then (nowadays, all I know is a lick, ha!). We didn't seem to mind the bilingual tour, even if it wasn't our group.

Now let me preface this by saying my mom is a true southern lady, and a pretty proper one at that. :)

However. When the tour guide said something about beer, yes beer, my dearest mother said "Yeah!" Oh, did I mention that we were in the back of the group? Yep, the entiiiiiiire group turned around to look at the crazy beer obsessed lady. She made a cute little "oops..." and covered her mouth, while possibly smiling a wee bit. Oh, as a 10 year old kiddo, I was pretty much drop-dead embarrassed. Thank goodness Dad and baby Kate found us soon after! ;)

I love my momma. You can read her blog too! I will hopefully be guesting for her quite soon ;)
Keep an eye out on Emily's place too, as I have just sent her a post for July :)

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Have a blessed rest of the week :)

Xoxo, Alexandra Anne


  1. Aw, that doesn't sound that embarrassing, although I definitely remember my mom doing things and rolling my eyes as if to say, "Oh gosh mom, you're so embarrassing!"

    1. Now that I'm older, I find my parents charming and endearing even when they try to embarrass me. But back then? I just about died. ;)

  2. Hey that's still a cute story. You've had quite an eventful life! I'd love to do a guest one day :) Let's get to know each other!