Thursday, July 12, 2012

By the's ok!

Hey ya'll. Found another linkup, and I quite like it! Yay for positive reinforcement! :)

Today I am convinced that it's ok: 

To dance like a dork while cleaning my room
To wear my new ring from my daddy on my ring finger (haha, I don't care if it looks like I'm engaged, I promise I'm not!)
To love completely without falter
To be in love with opera
To argue with my family about who gets to read a new book in our house first ;) (nerdy family means scrounge for new lit!)
To be slightly obsessed with instagram ;) 
To have too many shoes (but what girl has just the right amount of shoes anyway?)
To already have a bag for Houston even though it's 6 weeks away 
To be sad about friendships ending
To celebrate the love I see every day
To be obsessed with coffee ;)
To totally jam out to orchestral music 
To ask for God's forgiveness :) (He DOES forgive! isn't that great?)



  1. yes he does!


    have a good night!