Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That Boy

I've never been one to write via internet about my relationship life; honestly, when you're a teenager it sounds kind of silly. Who could have a steady serious Godly relationship in high school? Maybe that's why I never had a decent one myself until my senior year.

There was that one guy, the really tall one, and he kind of hurt me. A lot. To keep a long, sad, complicated story short, it came down to this: I loved music more than I could ever love him, and he loved himself more than he could love me. He basically didn't want me to do music. (I'm pretty naive, I should've seen the signs far earlier).

After that ended (and it had lasted over a year, so I "thought" it was serious and awesome), I was in a bad place. If you have ever met me, you would know that I love people and love children. After that relationship I came to the conclusion that I would never have kids and probably not even get married. Wait. What? Yeah, I went kinda nutty. My head was in a dark not-fun-at-all place.

The sad thing is? I let it get the best of me. I stopped giving God my full attention, and focused on selfish things. I wasn't even happy. I let myself become numb to it all; numb to my faith!

This lasted for about 3 or so months. I was living on my own for one of those months, and that didn't help. (I am very grateful to the friends in my life who helped me realize my own sadness, and helped me climb out of it). [Quite honestly? I was miss "boo-hoo-hoo." "Allllllllll byyyyyyyyyyyy myyyyyyyyyself....." and such.]

I promise this story gets happier, because just writing it right now makes me sad too (apologies). So one day, October 2, 2011 to be precise (to be precise), I was perusing facebook (as so many teens do) and happened to be logged in. I don't actually log in to the chat very much, but that night I was. This guy starts chatting me; oh yeah, I remember him. He dated my friend back when I knew him, and we would go to parties and dance a lot. So, he is chatting me? O....kay...... sure.
Turns out, we had a lot in common. I was still pretty apathetic about the whole conversation. I told him I had to get offline, and told him to text me. He is one of those guys who doesn't really text (he only recently, as in this month, added it to his cell phone plan), so he asked if a phone call would be alright. Sure, I love phone calls.

Next night, we both are online again. Facebook is a great tool for social media, but it hasn't been perfected. In the middle of our chat conversation everything froze up. I'm pretty sure it was an important part of the discussion, but I don't honestly remember. So, I'm attempting to continue the chat, and I hear my little pirate melody on my phone (the ringtone was called Medieval Jaunt ;) ) and see his name appear.

5 hours later, we hung up.

That's right. Our first phone call was 5 hours.

Oh and guess what happened right before the phone call? He asked me out.

I was still in my "anti-relationship" moody phase, so I was kind of thrown by this. But God decided to do some heart tugging on me.

This guy said one sentence, he probably didn't overthink it, but it meant more to me and has stuck with me: "I want a nice Christian girlfriend." Ouch. I definitely did not fit the bill; my faith life was so shallow and small... but in that moment, I knew, I needed to change. I wanted to be that nice Christian girl. I told the guy I'd think about it, but really wasn't in a place for a relationship at the moment. But I definitely wanted to hang out sometime (we really did seem to have a lot in common, especially after a 5 hour phone call)

So the next day, we talked again.
Guess what? I told him yes. =)

Today marks our relationship being 8 months (I said yes October 4th, so every 4th of the month I get giddy and happy, in the most dorky way of course). This guy has become my best friend, and makes me so happy and always encourages me and supports me.

God has blessed me with wonderful friends, a wonderful family, and now a wonderful boyfriend! I have an amazing support system here at home, and I couldn't be happier.

Who knows where this will lead?
All I know is, God has told me two things:
Go study music at the University of Houston
Date Michael

"For he does not know what is to be, for who can tell him how it will be?"- Ecclesiastes 8:7 


  1. So glad he found you! You know the funk he was in.

  2. Awww, what a good story! I wish you guys all the best in the days to come. I remember those hours-long phone calls with my man...