Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breathe, Allie

I'm always amazed at the ways God can speak to me. I would probably assume that tech week, the week before a show opens, would be a week of ignoring God and just becoming a blur of motion. Well, the blur of motion part is true! But I am so excited that God is close with me during this process! With His help, I am finding time to S-L-O-W DOWN and be with Him.

Counting gifts every day, even if I can't write them down til the end of the night.

*Salvation...every day!
*snuggle time with my little siblings
*old Disney music
*a heart turning to kindness
*hunger for knowledge
*Job 9:3
*unconditional love

This week, my challenge for myself is to focus on God, and be a strong witness for Him!
Opening night tomorrow; The Merry Widow is such a fun show! And God is blessing me through it =) So awesome!

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  1. learning to slow down and shut out the noise of distraction! i'm SO there! <3you!