Sunday, December 25, 2011

Excuse Me?

I haven't written in a while, but I, as always, have been very busy and hold to that as my excuse! I suppose December is busy for everyone, but especially we high school seniors attempting to get into college, etc. How's that going, you may ask? I am supposed to hear from Oberlin soon, to know if I am accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. What about the 8 other schools you applied to, Allie? I have been invited to San Francisco Conservatory to audition, AND made it past University of Southern California's prescreening. Three schools is good for now. It's one-third of my applied schools. This really is a test of faith, to trust in God and to know that He has a plan and I will end up where He needs me. It will all work out.

Today is Christmas, and I am currently sitting on a couch in Edenton looking over my shoulder at the Albemarle sound, the lovely water resembling an ocean. (Will post pictures soon). As it is Christmas break, I have been relaxing and enjoying life. I have gone shooting, baked cookies, been singing joyfully, and dancing like no one is watching. This is how life should be.
Merry Christmas ya'll. Peace be with you!

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