Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Life; Passing By Too Quickly

Fall semester always seems to go by too quickly in my mind. The season is a whirlwind of rushing to the next thing. Everything becomes a blur. Soon enough, you have a pile of memories and are wondering how they got there so quickly.
It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over...this year has been so life changing for me, in every sense of the word. If you pulled up a dictionary and looked up "Life-changing," a picture of my year would be next to it. I'm sure next year will be just as unique as well. I'll, knock on wood, be preparing to head off to a college full time! My life is full of changes! But I embrace them wholeheartedly.

Last weekend (the first weekend of December) I embarked on a new journey, new to me anyway; I flew to Ohio! (Yes, I used my accent when saying the state name, just because I could- O's are fun to say.) I'd never been to Ohio before, so the journey was full of "firsts" for me. For example, I flew into Cleveland, took a shuttle to the Oberlin campus, had a voice lesson with Prof. Champagne (having a lesson RIGHT off a plane is a bit disorienting...my head was slightly wonky, but it was still a good lesson!), then met my hostess for the weekend, went to a music theory class (found out that Simon and Garfunkel composed something to the chord progression of a Bach chorale...well awesome!), went to an audition Orientation, etc etc. That was just the first 5 hours of the day...but I had a fantastic time. Met some neat people, all of whom were JUST LIKE ME, and caught up with several friends that I had met this summer in Italy. It's kind of neat seeing people again after being apart. I love my Oberlin friends (i miei amici di Oberlin!) so very much. The entire weekend was lovely.

Sadly, I had to rush home Sunday morning to be home for my ACT prep class. Oh ACT, how you are the bane of my existence........but as of three days ago, I have successfully taken my ACT and now do not have to worry about it anymore!

As I write this I am waiting for some audition videos to process so I can be done with my college applications. I'm applying to nine schools...possibly insane? Well, for a music major this is apparently the normal thing to do. Perhaps this is the appropriate place to tell where I am applying (I get a little apprehensive about telling people because I cannot stand the judgement and nosiness some people have; if you are not a vocal performance major then you don't really understand every factor I have to consider).
In no particular order:
Indiana University Bloomington
Oberlin Conservatory
University of Houston
Rice University
Peabody Institute
University of Southern California
Boston Conservatory
Juilliard School of Music
San Francisco Conservatory

So as you can see, I'm attempting to cover all my bases here! I've only visited 4 of the schools officially, but have met teachers at USC and attended Peabody classes 5 years ago.

College is definitely on my mind right now. Can you tell? My goal for this coming year is to get out of high school and get into college. Can I do it? YES I CAN. (Definitely inspired by Bob the Builder...) I should hear back from Oberlin's audition pretty soon. The rest of the schools I won't even audition at until January at the earliest, but most of February and March will be consumed by auditions. Mamma mia.... I'm excited!!! God has some interesting plans for me, that I can see. If only I knew what the plans fully entailed...trusting in Him. It's because of Him that I have joy and passion for opera! I'm so glad God gave me a heart of love; love for music AND the people in my life.

On that note; I must now finish the final step of applying to colleges. If any of you sees or speaks to Santa, please let him know I would love some acceptances and full scholarships please ;)

A dopo amici,
Alexandra Anne <3

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