Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Settimana di Mamma Mia! (Week of OMG!)

A friend of mine once had what he called a "week of awesome." Many big important things happened in that week, thus the nickname "week of awesome." This week, I had something very similar. Except it was less "awesome" and more "um...what? Mamma mia!!!"
To recap- Last Monday I auditioned at Jacksonville State University for their latest opera; Gonoud's Romeo et Juliette. Not only did I get a lead role, Gertrude (Juliet's lady in waiting, nurse, handmaiden, gal), but I also loved the trip down, AND got to reconnect with an old friend.
Then, on Thursday, my busiest day of the week, I came home after a long and hard day; Mom and I were telling each other about our day. Suddenly she gives me some big news: I got invited to audition at Oberlin Conservatory!! (For you non-musicians: to get into college I, as a vocalist must first apply, send in a prescreening, then get invited to an audition, then go to the school and audition, and THEN hope to hear if I'm accepted or not- so so very long!) Oberlin is one of my top choices for college, so I'm beyond thrilled. That alone would be enough to make my week a "Mamma mia!!" week.
As the commercials say, but wait, there's more! So, I went down on Friday night to Auburn for a competition (a pretty big one- MTNA). Again, I got to reconnect with a dear friend, and met some interesting new characters as well. Saturday, competition time. Dun dun dunnnnnn. I was looking forward to singing, and wasn't too stressed. I'm the oddball who LIKES to audition. For this competition I sang four songs, which is a decent amount of music. I felt confident that I had done well, but wasn't thinking too overly highly of myself. I knew where I had messed up, but I was pleased because I had had fun, and that's the most important part. Funny thing is...I kind of won. My host laughed at me because I could not process this fact at all! I was quite speechless, and being the verbose person I am, that was a big deal!
What now? Now I practice like crazy. Hoping to hear from other colleges, still applying to some, and in January I go to Regionals for MTNA. I have a busy life ahead of me, but I'm super psyched.
Thank you music for giving me a crazy exciting week.
What shall this week bring?

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