Thursday, January 21, 2016

my friend on my wrist

So there's this craze going on that I'm totally on board with, I didn't get into it because it is trendy but I'm totally aware that it is. Who cares?? It's AWESOME.

Oh I should explain what I'm talking about; my fitbit! For Christmas my then-fiance-now-husband got me what I had been desiring for MONTHS, a Fitbit Charge HR. :) :) :) And since I have opened said present, I am obsessed. There are tons of articles out there on the pros and cons of having a fitbit, and how others are equally obsessed, I recommend you Pinterest them or YouTube them.

But this is my post about it, because I love it :)

Here's why!

*It tracks my daily steps, duh; I've read around the internet that it is recommended to walk at least 5k steps a day to maintain health, and 10k steps a day to lose weight. When I hit 10k steps in a day my fitbit starts buzzing like crazy and gives me a virtual high five! It's awesome! It also encourages me to walk around more, one night I was so close to beating a friend in a challenge (I'll get to that below) so I went outside at 11:57 pm to get as many steps in 3 minutes as I could! Yeah, like I said, obsessed!

*It tracks my heart rate, which helps me know how certain activities affect me whether it is stress levels or workouts, or lovey times with the husband ;) 

*Due to the heart rate tracking, my fitbit tells me how many calories I've burned in a day! Now, I am one of those people who DETEST tracking calories. So. Much. But if I can see how many I'm burning, I'm more likely to track my intake and then I can see true progress and hold myself accountable!

*It's comfy. I am so used to wearing now, I feel naked without it (I have to take it off to charge it or when I shower, and when I got married!) 

*It's also a watch. I just have to flip my wrist over and it appears, no touch required (but sometimes I touch it too, it has a touch sensitive screen and a tiny button on the side to make the different options show up) 

*It tracks stairs and hills climbed in a day too!

*The app is the other cool part- I can see my sleep (tracked by the fitbit's heart monitor) and see how restless I am or how many times I wake up at night. I can also track my food on the app and it'll tell me if I still have calories allowed to consume based on how much I've burned!

*On the app I can challenge and be challenged by my friends! There are daily challenges, week-long challenges, and weekend challenges, and several people can join at once! It's another awesome motivation. 

Do I need a fitbit to be healthier? No. But does it help inspire me to make healthier choices? YES. I love it so so much. I'm super grateful to the husband for getting it for me! 

If you have a fitbit, add me as a friend and we can challenge each other!

Check out my #commitedtothesexy board on pinterest (and on instagram) for fitbit ideas, workout ideas, recipes, and more! 

Happy walking!'

Alexandra Anne 

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