Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cats and Boyfriends and Novels

My house is freezing and I love it, however, my cat keeps leaving me to go snuggle with boyfriend! I'm on the couch now trying to write for NaNoWriMo, and it just isn't happening. I want to whine and procrastinate. I have no drive. I "say" I want to write, but it is just bleh. I'm SO behind on the word count because I have been busy with school and operas and boyfriend and then I'm just tired! I can't stay up super late unless it's like once a week. And I have to have nothing major in the next morning because I am uber zombie girl without sleep.
I just value sleep more than anything....breakfast, showers (jk), novels, homework...(again, just kidding).

How do YOU make yourself write everyday? I like my story but I am LAZY right now!

And I would rather watch youtube while snuggled on the couch than write.

Oh and the 4 cups of coffee today didn't help :(

Happy note- my cat is effing adorable! AND we made a fire last night and roasted marshmallows :) Then I passed out on the couch for approx and hour while the boyfriend watched things on youtube. I never even heard him.


Alexandra Anne 

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