Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life Is Intense...

You know what else is intense???... CAMPING!!! ;)

I have no idea how to even start writing about camp...I lived on a mountain for 10 weeks. That was my summer. It was work, yes, and it was fun, yes, but it was more than that. Camp is a game changer, that's what they told us at orientation. But how do I truly process the 10 weeks where hundreds of girls were placed under my care?? Where I taught riflery and voice/music classes? Where I killed a scorpion? Where I decided 10 weeks on a mountain is way too much? How do I even begin to write it all down? Good grief.

I can start with pictures. Pictures are good. I'm glad I got some photograph evidence :)

Chibi heroes!

Post from camper :)

I spent most of my time at the rifle range

Great hair day right?

I wore superhero shirts a lot ....

Gimp necklace from a camper

Coffee on nights out!!!

Went a little stir crazy and missed school (gasp)

Campers liked to do things to my hair
Mmm rifles

Iron man shirt <3

Counselor roomies :)

Counselor Name Buddies :)

So cute =P

Honor cabin!!

Uniform and a smile :)
I relearned how to knit ;)

Night out :) :) :) 

 So many stories to come! (hopefully, ha!) I start classes next Monday, but I hope to write in my *spare time* <3

Alexandra Anne

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  1. I have a TON of friends from college who used to work at camps over the summer. It looks like such a great experience!