Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Blog Thing

I've been meaning to write..seriously, I have....

When I drove back to Houston after Christmas break, I had 14hours in a car all to myself. This means I had wonderful (and several) blog topic ideas. Of course, I don't remember half of them now. You can't really blog while driving.... (if we had a robot that could dictate our blog ideas as soon as we get them, that would be amazing! It would just write down our thoughts while we do other things; drive, workout, dance, read, anything! Engineers...come on....ya'll can do this....)

Ok, I am WAY too A.D.D. to do this right now...

Here are some random brain spurts, since I AM actually sitting down to write today.

*School started this past week. 2nd semester at the University of Houston.

*I moved into my house, where I am renting a room and living with a wonderful Christian lady. Since I get asked about this ALMOST EVERY DAY, I shall explain (for the billionth time) on here as well: My former church music director is Susan, my family is close with Susan. Her sister is Sylvia. Sylvia lives in Houston and has hosted exchange students and foster students, etc, over the years. I am now living in Sylvia's house. Make sense ya'll? It's not even that complicated. But for some reason, getting asked to explain it seems ridiculously silly to me.

*I came back to Houston a week before school started so I could go to rehearsals for our opera/musical-comedy Cheryomushki (a cute and funny show by Shostakovich, originally in Russian, but we are English-i-fying it up).

*Weather in the south is just berserk

*God puts the right people in our lives at just the right time

*Les Miserables and The Hobbit were both enjoyable, but not as amazing as I'd hoped. (please don't shoot me for saying that...)

*Speaking of shooting, I'm a huge 2nd Amendment gal. So, if you try to take away my rights, I'm gonna be more than a little vexed.

*20 days until the boyfriend visits me! I believe our plans include: NASA stuff (because...I live in Houston! Duhhhh), baking/cooking, swing dancing (Houston is a big swing town, I love that), and lots of gaming. Yep, I'm excited.

*February 27th, Lindsey Stirling comes to Houston! I GOT MY TICKET YA'LL!!!!! Slightly excited......

*Mozart is sticking to me a lot. But, he'll probably be the one responsible for my future employment, so I'm okay with that.

*Oh yeah. Employment. I got two part time jobs. I started one, and am dealing with the stupid silly government about the other one (let's just say, don't lose your social security card, it's a BIG pain in the butt to get stuff taken care of after that). My jobs will be: Music teacher (beginner voice, beginner piano), and Box Office for the music department at school. I'm looking forward to income again, once I actually start working.

*Music keeps me going. Jesus does too. But He gave me music. Therefore, music keeps me going.

I think this is enough random for one post.
I'll try to post more regularly. <3

alexandra anne

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