Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am a...

I am a writer. But apparently a very...delayed one. Yeah, sorry for not blogging in two weeks, ya'll. College life= busy AAA. I seem to always be running around all over the place! I'm also behind on my novel, BUT, it IS coming along. And with Thanksgiving break coming up, I will hopefully catch up.

Life is wonderful, despite the stress and craziness. I'm truly happy, and loving music and friends and academics and God is just so good :) I am super excited to get to go home in 3 days!! ALABAMA HERE I COME! But, really, that means, North Carolina here I come ;) we're gonna visit family for Thanksgiving. ROAD TRIP! Can you tell I'm excited? And no, I haven't had my monster drink...yet.... ;)

Promise I will write more, but to tide you over, here are some random pictures, and a video of a song I'm obsessing over lately. Lindsey Stirling is just wonderful and quite possibly magic. :)
Have a blessed week and a happy thanksgiving!

I'm doin alright :) 

Nights at the theatre are always entertaining! 

Typical Friday nights with Robynne :) 

xoxo, alexandra anne <3

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