Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Shire

Tonight is a freeing night for me; any homework/studying I do is "ahead" because all of my work due tomorrow is already completed and turned in. So, I am relaxing in some studying.

As I read and study, some beautiful Howard Shore is joining me with his orchestrations for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I had forgotten how wonderful this music is, and it takes me back. (As a nerdy girl, I am very very very excited to see The Hobbit!!) I remember seeing "The Fellowship of the Ring" in theaters TWICE when it came out. And every time a new movie came out, I got the soundtrack. The orchestrations are just marvelous and wonderful!!

It is music like this that reminds me how much I love music. I had a conversation yesterday with a friend about my future and my career path; she said it would be so sad if I lost my voice and couldn't sing, my career would be over. Well, this is true and untrue. Yes, I couldn't do opera if that were the case. But guess what? Opera is merely my focus right now! I'm passionate about MUSIC. If I am involved with music in any way, I am a happy duckling. Truly, I could be so happy in so many different vocations.

So, tonight? I'm going to let an orchestra surround me and overwhelm my senses. I have a date with music tonight, that is. And I couldn't be happier.

I thank God for the blessings of music and joy and happiness! Music is His gift, I believe, to me, my only true physical constant. Life is full of changes, especially for a college student. But God and music are always there. Always.

I'm in love. With music.

xoxo, alexandra anne

ps. have a lovely week!

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