Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh My Silly Brain

I'm kind of very very grateful for It's Ok Thursdays and Thursday Thoughts; I love to write here. Writing is so soothing and therapeutic. I get all of it out of my system, and get the chance to talk to others about it. (On that note, please feel free to private message me anytime! I love getting emails and making new friends :) that's another great thing about blog world!)

So first:
I ate at Chick-Fil-A for their appreciation day. Can I just say, take a chill pill ya'll! *Good for CFA for sticking to their beliefs. *This is a free country, we're allowed to have differing opinions. *If you like the food, eat it. If not, don't. Simple as that. *Fact: I don't even always agree 100% with what CFA spends their money on, BUT, I am ok with that. It does not affect the lemonade that went in my belly this afternoon. ;) So, let's just stop hatin'.


It's OK:

*That I re-watch old Desperate Housewives episodes....

*That I dressed like a cowgirl (I mean, that's not the intent, but that's what my friend said I looked like)

*That I move to Houston in 21 days (and in two weeks, orientation; YIKES YIKES YIKES!)

*That a year ago I came home from Italy...and still miss it so much that my heart aches...(I cannot accurately express what goes on inside me when I think of Italia. It changed my life, that is all I can say)

*To be super excited for my relationship hitting the 10 month mark ;) (I am quite the "date" snob; I love remembering dates and counting down to things, if you haven't noticed already...)

*To be looking at wedding dresses and engagement rings to calm myself down in the evening

*That I love taking walks in my neighborhood because we have a beautiful lake and...wait for it..swamp. :)

*To trust God in new friendships! (He is SO good)

*That the military is now paying for 70% of my college tuition (thank you Post 9/11 bill)

*That I ate a PB&J sandwich before bed (BUT it wasn't really PB, it was almond butter :) :) :) all natural, and so yum!)

*To love someone more than words can express :)

Guess what ya'll? It's ok :) 
xoxo, alexandra anne 


  1. giggles chick fila, go YOU!!
    I would love to see Europe maybe someday in the future.
    congrats on the relationship!!

    1. hehe, thanks! Considering my boyfriend works at CFA, that's a reason alone just to support them (and it was CRAZY out there).
      Europe- yes yes yes. You must go someday!
      and thank you! I'm pretty excited about 10 months :) :) :)

  2. I'll admit- kinda jealous of the military paying for 70% of your college. If I had that... most of my student loans would either be paid off or non-existent!

    1. Aw. The thing that bugged me, is the school wouldn't truly give me any financial aid. They would only give me loans....grr. And that also means I cannot apply for work study. Money is just so so complicated. Rawr. God will provide though!

  3. Love that the military is paying for your school! Where in Houston will you be attendng? Awesome!

    Happy 10 Months, Alexandra!

  4. I am honestly with you on CFA, I love me some chicken sandwiches, and honestly I am not going to stop eating there because of their politics and beliefs just like I still plan on eating Oreo's regardless of theirs. I think politics needs to stay out of my snack foods. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  5. We are going to miss you so much! I know you and Michael will be busy so maybe it will be tolerable.Chick-fil-A has a right to speak just like anyone else!! They were talking to a Christian magazine.Why does anyone care what their CEO says? It's 1st amendment for me but not for you with a lot of folks. Loved reading your blog.Get Michael to help with math/He's good at it!

  6. Happy 10 months!

    Also, almond butter and strawberry jam is my FAVORITE sandwich combo! Yum!

  7. Happy 10 months! Love love love your cowboy boots! SO cute!