Thursday, July 26, 2012

T-minus One Month

Mamma marks three weeks until my orientation, and four weeks til I move in to my new digs at U of Houston.
I have a lot on my mind today, so it's perfect for an IT'S OK THURSDAY linkup with Amber and gals.

It's ok...

That I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday and still have puffy face today...

To cry because of overwhelming circumstances

That I'm listening to Demi Lovato right now (I really like her music, and she's an excellent role model for young girls)

That I said goodbye to Dad again today...I won't see him til Thanksgiving probably (he got to visit home for two weeks, but is heading back to Afghanistan til October) 

That I am moving in four weeks

To just need a hug

To blog to get all these thoughts out 

To make silly faces to distract myself (yup, I'm apparently 3 years old)

That I am turning 19 in less than 2 months (I just realized this the other day when mom referred to me as "almost 19." Huh. Last year as a teen. That'll be nice)

That I "stalk" my favorite bloggers :)

That I am longing for a good shopping session, and I'm not a's strange. I'm the oddest female. 

That I love the nickname: Allie Anne (I really love any nickname if it is given in love)

That I spent three different times trying to get to the next level in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (I haven't played this one before, so I recently got it on, and got stuck the other night, but as of last night I'm on a new level!! Currently running around Paris, but in the sewers....hmm)

That I could do nothing but listen to music all day

That I am leaning on God; that's always ok :) 

"Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."- Colossians 4:2 


  1. Ooh ><; I dread getting my wisdom teeth out (hopefully it won't happen!) but I hope you're feeling better! I hear it can be not-so-fun. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks! Day 5 and I'm still in some pain...but it doesn't help that yesterday I had to get a meningitis shot AND my regular allergy shots, plus I'm coming down with a cold...ahem. So, I'll feel better soon I guess.

  2. I always cry when I get overwhelmed. I hate it but I think it's totally okay and normal!

    1. Yeah, gotta be female right? I cry more than I admit, but I generally hide it.

  3. I suck at shopping too! I'm definitely a what-do-I-need,okay-I'll-get-that type of girl.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Yes! Grocery shopping? I'm a beast at. Clothing shopping? eeeek. I'd rather shop online haha.

  4. Go 'head, Allie Anne and cry, sing, hug, vent, and stalk...those are ALL okay in my book, too!

    Be Blessed <3

  5. love your honesty and your heart, alexandra!! thanks for linking up with #yolomondays! hope to see you back again tomorrow!!