Monday, July 30, 2012


Mondays in the summer are strange...actually every day in the summer is strange, because the days seem to all run together and there is not a regular routine to hold me in place. But according to calendars and blog posts, it is Monday. So here are some Dear Monday letters :)

Dear Monday of July 30th, I cannot believe this is the last Monday in July! eek! Where has this year gone? Well, here's hoping I can be productive and fruitful today. Perhaps I'll tackle that math placement test for school? (Yeah, yucko) We shall see.

Dear jaw, please stop being in pain. And please function normally soon. I'd love to eat like a human again, and not like a bird with a really tiny beak (that being said, my family nickname IS Allie Bird....hmm...)

Dear bronchitis, go away. You have overstayed your welcome, and I never really wanted you here in the first place. I am merely putting up with you because I have no choice. Well, shoo!

Dear Houston, I cannot wait to live in you (that sounds odd.........) in just a few weeks! I've been packing already, and am super duper excited :) :) :) I'm like a little kid with a birthday coming up! (Well..actually...September 12th isn't all that far away....... ;) just sayin.....)

Dear Michael, thank you for putting up with another week of emotional Allie. I know I keep going from "I'm having a great day!" to "I'm so sad" and I can hardly keep up with it myself. You must be a patient man, and I love you and appreciate you very very much. I also thank you for sending me sappy emails when I'm truly sad and in pain.

Dear Elise, your recordings make me smile, and your emails make my day :) You're pretty awesome!

Dear Arezzo, Italia....I miss you so so much....I look at my postcard of you every day, the one on my bulletin board. You changed my life, and I promise you, I will be back someday. 

Dear Bryanna, I cannot wait to be your roommate in a few weeks!

Dear Domino's, I thank you in advance for delivering wonderful pizza goodness to my house on Tuesday night. I've missed you so much, sometimes I tear up when I start to get the cravings...I really don't know if I can do long distance...thank goodness you deliver on campus, because I will be needing you every now and then.

Dear body, heal up already!

Dear Jessika, I replied to your per your request ;) but now I miss you loads and really want to come visit you again. Can we make this happen please? I need farm time, karaoke time, puppy time, maybe rifle time, and some good best friend lovin time.

Dear Mom, thank you for not strangling me when I most certainly deserve it. You're a pretty cool mother, in my opinion ;) I can't wait for us to take our trip together. I also look forward to watching Dark Knight with you. You rock my socks, dearest.

Dear readers who have actually read this entire thing......I flippin love you! :) The blogging community has been so lovely and good to me, and I am truly appreciative. Thanks for coping with my ramblings! I love each and every one of you, truly :)

Have a good week!

xoxo, alexandra anne 

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  1. I love your blog, you have a new follower. So nice to read your words.