Monday, March 12, 2012

My Life Shouldn't Be This Silly

I was wearing my light-blue jeans the other day. I was reminded of a story that happened to me a few years ago.

These jeans had a very terrible hole in a terrible place. I was at school that day, and was sitting cross-legged on the ground when I noticed said hole. So I politely asked if I could go upstairs to the office and get a sewing kit. I ran to the bathroom as soon as the kit was in my hands, and locked myself in stall. (I promise this isn't going to be an awkward or TMI kind of story; it's really just embarrassing) so I attempt to sew up the nasty little hole. I did a pretty good job! Thing is....I didn't take the pants off to sew them. I was determined to keep them ON while I fixed them. Can you guess the result of this foolishness? I bet you saw it coming. Yes, I had unintentionally sewed my jeans to my underwear. Feel free to laugh, I still do (then I didn't! but now I can laugh looking back).

Ok, Alexandra Anne.....that was funny and all, what's your point though?
My point?

I realized a few days ago that this story is a CLASSIC problem of mine. I want to do it all myself, and not tell anyone my problems. I want to take care of myself. Stay in my bubble. Hide. 
I should have taken the pants off, or asked someone to help. Instead I just HAD to wear them and fix them right then and there.

The moral of this story: God is there to carry our burdens, and don't sew jeans while wearing them. ;)


  1. This story is awesome! I love that you saw God in something like this. :) Yes, we must learn not to do everything ourselves. Love you friend!

  2. You are SO my daughter!!! Love you tremendously!!!!