Monday, February 13, 2012

Save Me, San Francisco

My Day in San Francisco/A Voice Major's Audition Day

I think I might be in love. But I don’t dare say that out loud. Call me superstitious, I swear I’m not. I just know what it’s like to hope for something and to then meet disappointment. But guess what? I am very happy! God gives me these emotions for a reason; I am supposed to enjoy meeting new cities! I am supposed to find joy in my music every day. So it’s okay to feel something! I just know to not be attached. Otherwise, it’s like watching Old Yeller for a second time. Who does that??

This morning I woke up at 8, and left my beautiful hotel (yes, it is historical, beautiful, and shiny) at 9am. I decided to grab some sort of fuel (read: starbucks cappuccino and an apple fritter) before venturing out into this new city. I followed my Google Maps directions like a little nerd, and found myself quite enjoying the architecture. Let me rephrase that, as it seems to be an understatement: I LOVE the buildings here! So, I arrive at the Conservatory around 9:30. Well, the nice security guards can’t even let me in because I’m so ridiculously early (we are supposed to arrive at 11:30…ok, so I like to be prepared; it’s a good problem to have!). 

This means I have time to kill. What does Alexandra Anne do with that? I’m an adventurer, so of course I decide to walk around the city without any sort of plan as to where I am going (this is a skill I have had to develop over the last year; I used to be one of those people who plan every minute of movement, not that that’s a bad thing, but I learned that it’s ok to just “go with the flow” so to speak). I’m so glad I didn’t have a plan! I saw more beautiful architecture, and ran into a little café. Well, an apple fritter is hardly a decent meal on its own, so I figure more food is probably a good goal. Keep in mind, I didn’t plan my walk.
So what little café do I run into? Caffé Trieste. This name probably holds no significance for most people, but for me? Oh good heavens I HAD to go in! Why? Trieste is a city in Italy (that alone could be reason to go in, considering I lived in Italy for 6 months last year, but no, that wasn’t the only reason); a city that my parents went to on their honeymoon almost 20 years ago. They almost named me Trieste! As soon as I saw the café I knew I would be going in. And it looks like I might go back…

After I ate some decent breakfast I walked back to the Conservatory, now filled with many nervous musicians anxious to get their auditions over with. We took a tour of the school, a lovely tiny and wonderful building full of opportunities to grow so so much. Then, after the tour, I went in a little practice room to…practice…go figure right? After practicing, I sang, and am now back at the lovely Hotel Whitcomb.
Let me digress momentarily; this hotel is beautiful. I cannot express that enough. At some point I will attempt to take pictures of the lobby, but for now I will use my words as best as I can. Chandeliers, a man wearing a top hat who greets you, revolving doors to enter, eight floors (and when you get on your floor, you have at least three directions you can go in to get to your room), and very well dressed people. I think the chandeliers alone make this hotel worth it for me; but then again, not everyone is a chandelier fanatic (that’s a passion that began for me eight years ago when I lived in England; I would like to note that I liked chandeliers before chandeliers were “in” or what have you).
Trivia note: The plural of chandelier is actually…chandelier. Technically, when we say “chandeliers” we are incorrect. But then again, we are merely uncouth Americans sometimes, and the word IS French.

All in all, my day has been wonderful, and it’s only 3:30pm! Now I am headed off for another tour! I do quite love this city and the school.
Glory to God; so thankful that I have had another chance to sing and travel.

PS. It is now 5:20pm and I am back at the hotel. Grabbed some quick dinner (just a sandwich) and walked very quickly as it has gotten chilly and windy this evening! I plan on reading my night away, until I leave tomorrow morning.
It’s been fun San Francisco! Maybe we’ll meet again?


  1. 1) This picture of you is beautiful!
    2) I love your storytelling skills
    3) I love you!

  2. You make my heart soar Dear Daughter! I love to hear of your travels...of your EXCITEMENT about everything you encounter. Your joy is contagious!!! I love you forever and ever and am proud of your huge heart! Love always, Your Mama