Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Love Love

This picture is currently my laptop's background (I change the picture every month or so, whenever I feel like it really). One, I love memories with loved ones. Two, this verse has been on my heart today. Here is what this verse says to me:

Beloved...we ARE beloved children of Christ! How awesome?!

Let us love one another... this can be so hard sometimes. But ultimately, the core of this faith is about love. God's love for us; our imperfect love for Him; etc etc etc.

For love is from God...see? God is love, and love is FROM Him. Why do we feel the need to get love from superficial places? Oh right, because we're flawed human beings...God is the best source for true love!

Whoever loves has been born of God... I like to think that I can be a light and a witness to others through my love. When I love someone, it is with my WHOLE heart. I don't do any of that partial loving business. No, I'm in it for keeps.

This verse is on my heart today; what does it say to you?


  1. What are the odds that I linked up right after you?! Lol.
    Lovely as usual, my dear. <3

  2. This is really amazing...I needed that! :)