Friday, February 10, 2012

LA, Life, and Love

Obviously, I have been very busy and haven't been blogging as well as I should (actually, there are several things I am behind on; working on it!). So let me briefly catch you up on my life:
Last weekend I went to LA and loved it! I auditioned at University of Southern California Thornton School of Music. When my audition was done I walked around the campus and the city, and even saw Venice Beach!
This weekend I am heading to San Francisco (and yes, it IS a bit crazy to hit two different California cities within a week, after coming home in between the visits), to audition at San Francisco Conservatory. I do plan on finding a trolley and singing like Judy Garland....
In my downtime I am trying to balance faith, school, family, and friends. Oh yeah, and that little thing we call "recreational reading." I'm reading so much! Trying to prioritize the school reading of course, but sometimes this ADD gal can't always do that. Sometimes I will study with several books in front of me at once and literally go back and forth between different books because I cannot focus on one at a time. Tis crazy!
Confession: I have not been journaling my gift counting. Nor have I been actively reading scripture as much as I should or even would like. Praying for a better focus. I hate admitting defeat, and I'm going to not give in or give up.
As for love; Valentine's day is in four days. Life is good. I won't gush via blog, I will merely say: God has a plan and sometimes we just have to see what He will do with us and not understand it right away! But He DOES have a plan. It is a wonderful plan.

Here are some pictures from Los Angeles:

All you need to travel: Clothes, music, laptop, money, and most importantly for me, water! 

USC! I had a lovely day just walking around all morning, so warm and beautiful.

Venice Beach!! (I wish I had taken more pictures, but was too busy taking it all in!)

Keep in mind, these pictures came from my phone ;) 
More posts soon!

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  1. Enjoy the Bay! We welcome you! Check out Pier 39 if you get a chance...hopefully the sea lions will be there serenading you!