Saturday, February 18, 2012

And I've Never Been to Boston in the Fall....

Guess where I went today? Yes, I auditioned at Boston Conservatory this morning! (Or, BoCo, as the locals like to refer to it)
I love how every audition is a different experience, and I learn new things. Today? I learned to audition at 9:20am while being sick. (I apologize to anyone I hugged or shook hands with today...yeah, that wasn't smart...) But yes, I sounded like I had been hanging with Louis, and singing "Zat you, Santy Clause?" with my dark, scratchy resonance. Oh that wasn't the only thing resonating; when I sang high notes (and today high came as quickly as a C above middle C...) my pitch/hearing was so distorted and painful. But hey, I managed. I sang my little heart out, and showed that sickness cannot stop passion and joy.

After my audition I got to meet up with two friends (we met/worked together last summer in Arezzo, Italy!) for coffee, sitting in on a rehearsal, and a tour of the school and city. I loved it all! (Below is a picture of Pavement, the coolest coffee joint around; Excellent coffee and muffins!)

In just a few days I will be flying again to Baltimore to audition at Peabody Conservatory. What adventures shall occur in that oh so familiar town?

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