Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok, Ok God! I get it!

It's always really funny when God makes His point abundantly obvious and clear. We often complain about not knowing what His will is. People, take a step back and just look. Change your perspective. Wow! I find myself laughing and saying "Ok, God. I get it....sorrrrry," in a kind of sheepish way.

I have been trying to walk closer to God every day, and came to the realization that I needed a specific devotional; someone else's organized thoughts on scripture. I also needed to start reading scripture in an organized way, instead of just flipping through randomly (that's good too, but I need more than that!). So I pulled out our family's old(ish) devotional from iWorship. I have used it sparingly in the past, but never as a regular thing. Plus, it's been such a long time since I read it, surely new wisdom would come through it! I like it because it requires reading the scripture before the "lesson" and it is a lot of scripture to read! Yes yes yes please! This morning I started reading it, on the January 18th lesson. Well, here's the funny part. The lesson was about counting gifts and sharing faith.... >.> I think I had been slacking off in blog-world, and this was a little wake up call. "Allie, write about your faith walk! Stop being afraid; just do it!" Ok God. I hear you.
So what HAS God been doing in my life? What blessings have I been counting? Well, I have to say I love love LOVE the joy dare. (See for what I'm talking about!) I appreciate life so much more this way. I am actively looking for things to praise God for!

*A gift that made me laugh: when I fall down in public. I'm so glad God gave me a sense of humor!
*One gift I shared: my passion for music in this weekend's latest competition
*A way I've glimpsed the startling grace of God: love/forgiveness.

I'm finding that growing up means actually dealing with things. I'm 18, you would think I have a better grasp on life. I really don't sometimes! But I'm learning. I'm learning how to get up and fight harder. I'm learning that it's ok to love and trust someone. I'm also learning how to accept peace; that's a big one for me. I want to fix it all myself, but what that generally means is I let all the emotions grow and grow while I keep them inside....I need to give it all up to God. It gets so much better when I do let it go! I'm obviously I cannot fix it all myself.
We have had 18 days of the year 2012. For about 11 of those I have been counting gifts =) I am so excited to fall more in love with God! I may stumble, yes, we all do; but I have a Savior who lifts me up and puts me back on track.
Oh, another thing; you know how I said I can't do it all on my own? God puts certain people in our lives for a reason. Let someone help you!! Or, be a light to those that need help!! I cannot stress this enough, but I am more and more convinced daily that God has a plan and is perfectly executing it. Praise be to God!!

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"Wear your traveling clothes as you eat this meal, as though prepared for a long journey..." Exodus 12:11


    I thought I knew what counting gifts was all about.. and then I started the book.
    Today, my life is changed.
    Love you, you sweet girl.

  2. What a great post! You are wise beyond your years. I pray that God will bless you as you draw nearer to Him.